Majestic, Rare, Impressive

Jewelry-Handbags are delightfully enchanting objets d'art, capturing attention for the skillful blending of precious metals, brilliant gemstones, and pristine exotic leathers. Imagined as magnificent, individually handcrafted pieces, these Jewelry-Handbags defy time and stand apart from the imposed aesthetic conventions.

Each piece reveals its own charming story - our Diamond Hands' abilities to awaken the indelible feelings for exquisite fine jewelry married with the tradition of haute couture and the innovation of our design principles and inspiration.

Sophistication, seduction, beauty, and elegance are palpable.

Shooting Stars Diamond Skin - Pinnacle Of Jewelry-Handbags

For those who are on a quest for the incredible, it ends here.

Shooting Stars Diamond Skin TM is inspired by playful cascading stars in the night sky - bundling the light of hundreds of diamonds with the most refined, seductive leathers as if they have always co-existed in nature.

"It is this transformation of gemstones and exotic leathers that I pursue - trying to extract a glint, a flash of light from the power of these gems and the creative forces of nature that make them so precious with the sensual and captivating leathers from animals that are so admired and yet feared". Gabriella Wimmer is known for these one-of-a-kind pieces; hence, she is affectionately known as "Diamond Princess".

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